Five Top Tips for Maintaining Blonde Hair

Are you a blonde hair addict searching for the best way to keep your blonde hair healthy?

Whether Platinum, ash, honey or golden, maintaining that perfect shade of blonde can challenging.

Strands of blonde hair, natural and coloured are more porous and it will absorb more of whatever you expose it too. Often bad habits like over styling and using too much heat your hair can leave it dehydrated and prone to breakage. Also natural elements like sun and pollution can cause blondes to discolour.

After spending time with us and leaving the salon with your perfect blonde we wanted to give you our top 5 tips and tricks for maintaining a healthy blonde between your visits to us.

1.) Don’t cleanse your hair everyday!
Wait at least 2 days before cleansing your hair, we us a special shampoo after any colour that neutralises the pH of your hair and allows the colour pigments to settle in, also excessive cleansing can remove the natural oils that create a protective coating on the hair.

2.)Keep on top of the tone!
Blonde hair can have a habit of going yellow / orange, If you want to keep that pretty shade of blonde that you left the salon with, you’ll need to invest in a good quality toning shampoo and mask that you can use at home. We highly recommend the Insight blonde range as it has cold reflections shampoo and mask as using every other cleanse it will keep up the toner and will help to neutralise brassy yellow and orange tones on lightened hair – allowing for a more natural looking hair tone.

3.)Keep it hydrated!
Getting that perfect blonde can be a harsh process (especially if your hair is naturally a dark shade!) to get there and adding bond builders like k-18 really do help to keep the integrity of the hair but its not going to keep it nourished until your next visit.
When colouring the hair it causes the cuticle to swell and dehydrates it slightly, investing in a hair mask and/or leave in conditioner to use at home will keep it hydrated and keep in nourished.

4.) Protect from the heat.
We are all guilty of using heated styling tools on a regular basis, whether it be the direct heat of straighteners or simply just the hair-dryer.
Remember we mentioned previously that if your hair has been lightened, your hair cuticles have likely been stripped of natural oils and then applying too much heat can cause dehydration that could cause breakage also excess heat can also dull your colour and cause brassy tones to be exposed.
Restricting your usage of heat tools will help, but make sure you always use a heat protective spray to provide a shield to seal in moisture and to lessen the shock of direct heat on the hair. You’ll be surprised as to the difference it can make long term!

5.) Regularly trim your hair!
Our last tip is to have regular trims, this is essential for maintaining healthy blonde hair. Having the ends trimmed every 4-6 weeks will prevent the ends from splitting and help improve both the look and feel of your hair.

If you have any questions about which products would suit your blonde hair needs, our stylists are more than happy to help.